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The real estate market in cities is not affordable for most families due to the continuous increase in prices. This market, in fact, does not exist for the so-called “weak categories”: young couples, indigent families, immigrants. “The house that grows” is an idea to start integral town planning, which tries to outline, as much as possible, the practical choices of our ancestors.

This program is about constructing houses in successive phases, with the possibility, therefore, of growth of the single buildings on the basis of the needs of each family: in this way it is the house that adapts to the necessities of people and not the opposite.

It is a one family house, with a small garden, which can be built initially with a small sum of money; it is a house that can be improved on and enlarged in time, thanks to a project that studies this possibility right from the beginning.

The house is constructed according to a project that does not have to be completed to be functional. To facilitate the construction in the different phases and to further reduce the costs, there will be a construction manual which indicates the materials and the technology that will have to be used to maintain the same features as the initial part, constructing most of it on your own.

Given the social aim of the initiative and the greater initial cost of the small starting nucleus and having predisposed the successive additions, it is indispensable that the land to build on is sold at a low cost and that the single homes create an urban aggregate with a density high enough to reduce the contribution of each family for the work of urbanization and avoid favoring multistory condominiums.

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